What to do if You Have a Fever while Pregnant?

Maternity fever over 38 ° c, which is spread over at least a 24-hour, and appearing in the course of the first 10 to 14 days after birth. The condition may be due to a number of conditions, however, infection of the uterus is the most common cause.


If the woman during the first weeks after birth are experiencing fever and weakness, along with pain and discomfort in the lower abdomen, as well as foul-smelling discharge from the uterus, can be inflammation of the uterus. Inflammation of the uterus are treated with antibiotics, IE. medications that destroy bacteria. Most women are relatively unaffected, and treatment may be in the form of tablets. If the woman is generally affected and has high fever, should she admitted to the hospital to receive antibiotics through a vein in the first days. There should be scanned to see if there is a remnant of the placenta back in the womb. Is that it, prepare a curettage.


Other inflammations, as may occur in the first time after birth, phlebitis and phlebitis. Breastfeeding woman, some will get breast inflammation. Although a breast inflammation is common the first few weeks of breastfed babies, so such an inflammation can also occur at a later time.