How Often Should You Clean Your Jewelry

For some it can on this issue seem superfluous but it can actually be good to think about how often they clean their jewelry for the right care when they will last much longer. Moreover, it is actually so earrings and jewelry that you have in the nose, navel, or other body parts may have to be thoroughly cleaned before each use. So it is good to find out how to take care of the jewelry that you have correctly.

Piercing jewelry

Although the holes to make the earlobes, and elsewhere as the navel and eyebrows, will heal, so you should keep in mind that it requires a little more cleanliness of the jewelry that you use as piercing jewelry. It may be wise to clean jewelry with alcohol solution before each use and also to think about how the jewelry store. If, for example, allows bacteria to gain a foothold in the earrings so it may even be harmful, then attach these ears. Make sure you have smart storage for piercing jewelry so that they are always clean and dry when not in use.

When metals loses color

As for metals like silver, you will see the pretty soon when it’s time to polish and clean up. Silver jewelry will oxidize at different rates depending on how they are used and how they are stored. Moreover, as will storage which allows jewelry scratched lead to dirt that may be difficult to remove when it is stuck in scratches. You can take it a habit to go through metal jewelry once a month to see if the possible need for plaster or gentle washing. It’s smart to clean all jewelry together. If it is so that you notice that the jewelry that you wear often may need cleaning so it is perhaps also to the rest of the jewelry which is located in the jewel box also needs to be examined.

Before special occasions

If it feels hard to go through the jewelry and clean once a month so you can instead choose to take care of the jewelery little extra for the special occasions. Then you know that you should wear some jewelry to a party, it’s smart to look a little closer at it and possibly trim, rinse and dry. At this point, you can of course also take care of other jewelry that requires the same type of cleaning.

The most important thing is how the jewelry looks and one must not keep on chasing dust that is not there.Remember to be aware of how different materials to be cleaned so that you do not destroy a piece of jewelry by exposing it for all the wrong cleaning method.