How Sports Bras should Fit

The minute we think recover in training, we women, not only of sneakers you need but also a good sports bra!

Bras built into a training tank, this may seem convenient, but it’s not ideal. It is unreal to think that all women have breasts perfectly proportional to their size sweater. Forget that!

Sports brassieres, I bought several, all prices, before discovering my favorite: the Jubralee Moving Comfort.

Here are the key elements that I advocate in my choice of good sport bras:

  • Promote a mixture of nylon and lycra to dry quickly.
  • Opt for wide straps which do not cut the skin, and that fit in 1 second by Velcro strips. That way, the bra will not overwrite your breasts, but will support them!
  • Check if it has staples, like a real bra to allow snug fit around the bust.
  • We say that a sports bra lasts 72 washes. This is a good sign. Like any garment that contains an extensible material, do not put it in the dryer because it might spoil faster.

Now if only the sport was as easy as shopping for sports equipment!