How to Avoid Fines for Mobile Talk

TIP: the number of fines for the use of hand held mobile is the last three years has increased by more than 50 percent. How to avoid a fine.

Handheld mobile telephone in the car is probably something that most can’t say it completely free of, to have done – just one single time in any case.

The fine for using hand-held rose at the end of the year to 1,500 crowns, if the police sees you. Which they do increasingly.

Figures from the national police show that the number of charges and fines for hand-held mobile telephones has increased from 15,409 in first half of 2009 and for all in the first half of this year 23,319. This is an increase of about 51 percent. It writes our site.

The increase is due to the fact that the police have had more focus on the unwary motorists.

Council for Safe Traffic has also just shot a nationwide campaign started in collaboration with TDC.

We have a few tips on how to avoid fines for handheld mobile telephony and keep your eyes on the road.

How can you avoid fines

In addition to completely to let the cell phone, or other mobile devices be when you sit behind the wheel, then we’ve found a few solutions you can avoid fines.

Our site tested back in May 2011 Jabra Freeway, which is a speaker you put onto the sun visor in your car. Jabra Freeway had the words, “now there are no more excuses for that car and talking on handheld phone,” with on the road.

There is also another solution from Jabra called Jabra Drive, but this go around, since the sound is poor and the device far too expensive – compared with Jabra Freeway.

If you do not wish a power amplifier in your car, because all fellow passengers so can hear your conversations, there are also other alternatives. Jabra Supreme UC is a headset that has a good sound and can be purchased at a good price.

Are you “don’t care” with the design, we have this summer also tested a headset from Plantronics, which is really good – however it is clumsy to have on.

There are a number of other solutions on the market, URf.eks. Parrot Minikit, as we’ve previously tested.