How to Choose a Comfortable Pillow

1 – How to find the ideal level of firmness?

Although the choice of the firmness of the pillow is a very personal choice, your position at night is an indicator to advise you:

Soft pillow suitable for people sleeping on the stomach.

Medium pillow suitable for people sleep lying on its side.

Pillow farm: ensures perfect support for the sleepers lying comfort on the back.

Consider also the ergonomic pillows that offer you comfort in all positions.

2 – Filling in natural materials or synthetic fibers?
a) The natural filling for authenticity and unparalleled swelling

Down is very appreciated for its lightness and swelling. Its rarity makes it also an exceptional product.

The accompanying feathers fluff the pillow adds firmness.

The higher the% down, the more your pillow will bring you soft. More% of the feathers, the more your pillow will be firm.

The words “new down” indicates that the material comes directly from farms and its properties are intact. It is a guarantee of superior quality.

In the interest of preserving the environment, products are offered with a natural trim from recycling. The treatment of the material systematically through intensive washing, spin-drying, sterilization at 120 ° C and a meticulous selection. Anti-mite treatments are also used to reassure people prone to allergies. This natural material renovated for a new use will continue to offer the comfort and thermoregulation sought by the followers of down.

A percentage equal fluff, fluff goose, its structure allows to store more air.

In respect of animal welfare, no packing used in our pillows comes from live animals. Our duvets and feathers come from waterfowl slaughtered for meat consumption and we only recover the feathers to make an exceptional packing. There ‘so no animal suffering linked to plucking.

Natural pillow can be machine washed. It is also recommended to regularly shake your pillow to ensure a perfect distribution of down and feathers in its envelope.

By following the maintenance tips, your natural pillow can accompany your nights for 3 to 4 years. However, feel free to change it sooner if it loses its firmness or its swelling.

Increase health and life of the pillow by protecting sweating with our pillow protectors.

b) The synthetic lining for its hypoallergenic hand, practicality and price.

Synthetic fibers advantage of many technological innovations that make products manufactured high performance. The fine fibers are hollow lining for better air circulation and silicone to accentuate the feeling of softness with comfortable pillow cases.

The use of synthetic pillows is recommended for allergy sufferers.

You want to find the softness of down while enjoying the advantages of synthetic fill? Choose our micro green touch down pillows that do not compromise on comfort and benefit from eco-responsible production, through the use of recycled PET bottles.

We strive to offer you synthetic pillows of quality at very affordable prices to allow you to change the seasons and desires.
Synthetic pillows also make you life easier with some fibers that allow regular washing at high temperature with rapid drying. Thus, the maintenance facility allows you to sleep in an increasingly healthy and comfortable bed.

3 – Which size?

This choice depends on your type of sleep and comfort of your search. Some of the many sizes, two types of pillows are distinguished: square and rectangular.

60x60cm and 65x65cm sizes are most standards but other rectangular sizes like 40x60cm or 50x70cm sized to reduce clutter and keep the cervical vertebrae.

When choosing, make sure that the pillow chosen corresponds to the size of your pillowcase. Otherwise, we offer a range of bed linen in which you’ll probably find a suitable pillow.

4 – What treatments fit my needs?

During the night, and it more or less, we secrete substances such as sweat or saliva. The pillow is therefore a breeding ground for mites need humid conditions to develop.

For allergy sleepers, we recommend using a pillow receiving an anti-mite treatment applied on the pillowcase. This treatment is durable and resistant to washing.

5 – Which pillow for my baby?

Because your baby deserves attention and quality to match the importance of sleep, continuously develops products to ensure maximum comfort and well-being. For this, we rely on European standards, guarantee of reliability and quality. So choose the baby bedding of your choice with confidence.