How to Choose a Headlight

Night run is a specific use that upsets many landmarks and first visibility. All the more so if we move away from artificial lights of the city.The investment of a headlamp is fast becoming a must for running in the dark safely.

Just like all the other equipment of the runner, the choice of a front is extensive and can be complicated. Here are some items that will help you find the one that works best for your practice.

The power

As the saying goes: who can do more can do less! Choose a powerful lamp is thus assured to see clearly and in time. The maximum power of a lamp is measured in lumens. This is the value displayed on the packaging of the lamp that reflects its maximum light intensity. The more it is, the more the lamp will be powerful. To give you some indication of the scope of a lamp, allow 30 m visibility up to 50 lumens(night driving on the road), 50 m to 90 lumens (night driving on road and trail night),100 m more when the power exceeds 200 lumens (trail night and ultra-trail).

The scope of the headlight is given by an ideal spot beam to see far and to learn about the challenges ahead and to anticipate. Says a wide beam allows for him to have amore pronounced visibility on our immediate environment around us. It is important to know that the power put forward by manufacturers is the maximum lamp power when the batteries are new or the battery is fully charged and that it decreases with time. Indeed, on most conventional front will see their power decline as and the use of batteries or battery. Hence the need to further opt once for a powerful lamp  !Finally, note that the front equipped with battery are more powerful than batteries lamps . On the down side, they present a limited range at maximum power.


As we have indicated, the more power is, the more autonomy will be short Thus, if the lights powered by batteries have smaller and limited powers because decreasing in time, they have a greater autonomy in general. To overcome this, the majority of lamps has several degrees of power and lighting modes that allow to gain autonomy.For example, a lower mode will allow greater autonomy and vice versa.

There are also so-called “regulated” lights that adjust the headlight power at a given intensity and then guarantee identical lighting from the beginning to the end of the time originally planned. If you want to increase the life of your lamp, it will now simply set a lower intensity, each time being known for each mode and intensity. Even better, some lamps with a light sensor offer automatic power adjustment based on the ambient light. The light automatically adapts to your needs and lamp gaining autonomy.

The battery condition or battery

Anyway, it is always advisable to start the night with extra batteries, a full battery and / or replacement. A second headlight or emergency headlight used can be a solution or an obligation under the settlement of certain races.


Generally, there are three types of headlamps:

> Battery or batteries in front: all the lamp system and thus weight are on the front forming an all-in-one compact. A typical headlamp of this type is the bike headlight, as exampled on Ebicyclelights.

> Battery or batteries in the rear: if the lighting system lie obviously in the front, the battery or batteries are at the rear balancing the total weight of the lamp head.

> Battery in a pocket: For powerful lamps that require a larger battery and heavier thus reducing the weight on the head.

Some-is the proposed system, each lamp features an adjustable headband according to the head circumference. This tag is sometimes supported by an adjustable strap that goes from the front to the back of the head to ensure a better fit. The choice will be quite individual and personal. For this, he should try the lamp store and invest in the model that assured you the best feel and comfort. Finally, note side ergonomics that most lamps have a tilting system that adjusts the area ahead we want to enlighten.

See and be seen!

If the main function of a lamp is to see in the dark, it also allows among others the holder to be seen! A flashing light mode a red rear lighting allow warn motorists of their presence. A red light mode is also available and can be activated if you are lost and facilitating the identification of relief.

It remains for you to evaluate your needs to make the choice of the headlamp best suited unless it decides the budget: around 30 to more than 100 €.

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