How to Choose a Swimsuit

Medicine discovered at the end of the 19th century that sunbathing were good for health and people began to visit the beaches but it was not until the twenties of the 20th century, when dared to bathe in the sea. He did it with the clothes he wore habitually until the Danish Carl Jantzen, invented an elastic and adaptable fabric with which manufactured is the one-piece swimsuit with sleeves and skirt to the knee.

In 1930 the French engineer Louis Réard invented in a two-piece swimsuit but nobody was willing to wear it in public until 1946 when a famous courtesan and nudist decided to do so. Also that year were conducted nuclear explosions in Bikini in the South Pacific Islands and someone said “Mr Réard, your bathing suit will be more explosive than the pump in a Bikini”, and that was the name that in his presentation to the press.

The bikini has struggled for more than 50 years by beating the one-piece swimsuit unsuccessfully. Until no time remained an informal and youth press and the one-piece swimsuit was still boasting the title of stylish clothing for the bathroom. However in recent years has had an undoubted success to the have that bikinis designers have contributed young clothing designers, also mostly skirts and pants to the hip that leave bare gut, so make it necessary to your Tan.

Each time you have your swimsuit

If it is to find the most comfortable Press Sun we will choose a bikini that is not very large, however for running the 100 meter dash, we choose one major that fits well to the body like that are used by the athletes. To enjoy a day at the beach and to swim in the sea or the swimming pool, the ideal suit is one piece. It is the most comfortable, which most stylized figure, which allows you to swim without thinking of to undress us a wave hit the beach, etc.

In regards to the colors should always look for one that contrast with the skin. The shades of blue are recommended for white skin; However, very white skins should avoid strong colors, such as black or deep blue; tanned skin, with dark hair, are great with pastel tones. In general dark tones Stylize and hide what you don’t want to show, light colors make this body and flowers and patterns highlight the area in which they are. In any case, everyone you I feel better, it makes it more slender and thin, the swimsuit one piece that’s two.

The materials of which it is made any bathing suit, lycra nylon and other synthetic fibers, restrict air circulation and maintain moisture, changing the environment of the bacteria that protect the vagina, favoring fungus and infections are generated. Whatever the swimsuit material try to follow these recommendations when it comes to purchasing it and use it:

  • Choose those that have cotton lining.
  • Try it with underwear
  • Wash it before using it for the first time.
  • When you step out of the pool or the sea dry it with a towel trying to absorb as much water as possible and replace it with a dry if possible…
  • Wash it thoroughly every day after use