How to Choose Sunglasses Frame


Of any brand and color is our choice, the choice of eyeglass frames from the sun is very important. It is critical to the impression you want to give the eyes of others. How to choose, then, the one that fits our face? It is very simple, because you have to remember to evaluate some characteristic elements such as the color of the skin or hair. In this guide we will see, therefore, the advice to make the most of your future purchase.

Choose Sunglasses Frame

How high road, to orient the best choice of frame most suitable, it must consider the aspect that denotes the color of the face, considering: the color of complexion, hair color, eye color (this, however, is considerable secondary ). Generally those with very fair skin and dark hair will have to opt for the blue or silver (which is a neutral color) avoiding, certainly, the most vivid colors. Brighter colors are suitable for those with rosacea skin and light or red hair. On a face with skin tending to beige recline harmoniously frames tending to brown, ivory and all shades of beige. Not to underestimate the frames that have a fund almost spotted. Darker skins, however, prefer combinations in soft colors like pink.

Another element to consider is the different values ​​of the proportion of the face and, therefore, form and consistency.The faces with high forehead are enhanced by frames with ovoid forms, slightly pointed. A long face, however, can point to the rectangular frames. Likewise for rounder faces so as to affect, in a positive way, on the profile.

A useful criterion of evaluation is the type of material used for the product. Very requests are, for example, the carbon frames or titanium: extremely light and flexible. Meet the needs of those who, for example, use the glasses to perform outside work: for them to wear them for long periods will be particularly heavy. There are then another set of anti-allergic materials such as nickel silver, bronze and zinc alloy for those who have sensitive skin. Do not underestimate, then, the selection criteria for the aesthetic side and, above all, the protection provided by UV rays, so it is important to choose frames arranged to accommodate slow a bit bigger and embracing as they may spill a lot of sunlight with cheap sunglasses. Frames with wide plates allow, finally, a wide viewing perspective (side).


Never forget:

Try all possible frames, so as not to have doubts, later, on the purchase made.