How to Choose Swimwear

How to choose a cute bikini or a good mesh one-piece. Trends and styles for every body type and proportions. What price has to be fashionable.

No matter if you’re going to the sea, the mountains, the club or spend the summer in pile of House, if you want to always have a current look you have attention to the trends of the season. Bikini or full mesh? Tankinis adherents or loose? triangles or plastic? Your day consulted you image Advisor Laura Malpeli Jordaan and tells you what are the keys to bringing This summer in terms of bathing suits.

The bikini is imposed as the protagonist, especially with baggy high-waisted trousers, but they also accompany the smifinished and the tankinis, both loose variants and other more adherents. The bandeaux come asking track from previous seasons, but this year come to prominence, especially the torzados and those with gathers.

As for the pictures, anything goes this summer. Moles, pictures, straight vertical and horizontal lines, fruits and tropical designs (Palm trees, flowers and animal print) take over costumes. In addition, overlapping patterns that arose in previous seasons continues.

The color palette is wide, includes everything from the classic black and white, the pastel, turquoise, lilac and more strident tones in green, blue, yellow, Orange, and the range of rosés. In some cases, the swimsuit is completely smooth and adds details of draft at flown in the neck area.

Own style. Apart from the trends, you should always consider your style. If you’re a classic, it is likely that you do not beat tropical prints and you feel more comfortable with a smooth swimsuit. “From the advice of image points to narrate the identity of each one and incorporate trends only if they please and so favor when designing a harmonious and positive image”, says Jordaan.

In terms of the proportions, you must always consider if you have long or short legs. If they are long, it will be better that the Bishop is not shooting high, so we estilizamos the torso and the legs look more proportionate with our stature.

Smooth or stamped. Many times we think that a smooth swimsuit makes the figure is go more slender, but is not always the case. It largely depends on the color of the garment. If you choose prints, remember that the attention so it is best to place them in parts of the body that you like and want to highlight. Remember that if sos of stature, a large print takes your role and stands more than you.

Body type. Swimwear should be chosen according to the body type. Silhouettes vary based on the width of the shoulders and hips, as well as the waist. “While there is a type of body that is objectively better than another, culturally the ideal body for women is the hourglass, with what the objective of the recommendations is attempting to give the feeling that we have this type of body that is characterized by shoulders and hips of same or similar width and a well defined waist” says the specialist.

Triangle. Women who are visibly wider hips that the shoulders should try to give the feeling of balanced shoulders and hips. They are ideal for the bandeaux and designs that have prints, Ruffles, embroidery or any detail at bodice. For the bottom, it is best not to add volume or draw attention with too strident tones. If it’s a one-piece mesh or a tankini, the best thing will be to play with colors more eye-catching or stamped on the part of the neckline and a design more flat and opaque in the rest of the swimsuit.

Inverted triangle. The hips are rather straight and narrow shoulders are wider Best to conceal the shoulder portion and bring attention to the area of the hips to visually increase its size. The triangular-shaped bodices as well as traditional will be more flattering than the plastic. It is ideal to avoid the very finite straps and strapless is the only thing that will enhance and enlarge the area of the shoulder. At the bottom, is where most attention is recommended (flown, prints, loud colors and applique)

Hourglass. Dyeing care not to alter the proportions that you already have. For smifinished, it is essential to emphasize the waist, with a stamped or different tone in this area which is the main characteristic of this type of body. If you want to wear bikinis or tankinis and have normal bust big, opta by triangular bodice. If you have a large bust, avoid colors strong and flown in this area. For the bottom, animate colors and designs, but always in accordance with the superior design to not see you more wide at hips to shoulders.

Straight line. Similar wide between shoulders and hips. OPTA for a one piece instead of the bikini traditional because it will give the visual sensation of a more defined waist. To use bikini ensures that there is some detail or element that the attention on another part of the body. It may be that the Bishop have some flown or that swimsuit is a striking color so we focus on this and not at the waist. With pleated details or Underwire bras and bandeaux can be used.


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