How to Choose the Right Cycling Bike

Cycling can be more than just a sport. With the bike you can face trails, do travel circuits with fantastic itineraries, practice physical activity and live unforgettable moments and of pure adrenaline on the two wheels of the bike. And for those who want to start in the cycling universe, the first question that will come up is “what kind of bike should I buy?”. The choices are varied, but before purchasing your bike, there are important factors to consider and evaluate. Therefore, this text will be of much help, because in it we have selected important tips on how to choose your bike to so that you can enter the world of speed.

The Choice of the Ideal Model

Before choosing your bike model in CyclingEnthusiasm, we must be vigilant to 3 important questions: 1° Which is the goal of my pedal stroke? 2° What type of terrain I’m pedaling? and 3° How often I’m pedaling? There are specific templates according to the purpose, place and frequency in which you will use your bike, so after answering these questions, you can go to the next step, which is to choose the model that best fits your needs and goals. Below we show some models and their main characteristics and indications:


It’s bike is usually recommended for those who has the main objective of cycling as a hobby, doing weekend rides, the park for example. The bike has your riding position comfortable and ideal for casual use. Its biggest advantage is the low cost and your main drawback focuses on being a bike with more brittle material.


For those who want to start the venture for some tracks, a good choice is Mountain model. Designed and indicated to support hostile terrain and weight in small waterfalls, widely used in long paths both for professional cyclists as for amateurs. Its biggest advantage is your great versatility in any environment, have your biggest drawback is the tires blackheads which make it difficult to achieve high speed in urban places, such as on the asphalt, for example.


If you are thinking of buying a bike and your focus is speed, the model shown is the Speed. The tracks of the sprinters can reach in your average 110 km/h in due and its 85 mph and straight. Indicated primarily for sports use and for cyclists with skill. Its main advantages are the lightness and speed gained and their major disadvantages are the high cost and brittleness in your bad asphalt, so she is not indicated for the tracks of land.

BMX or Street

This is a very popular model, used by children for being low, but also for practitioners of urban Freestyle (maneuvers to overcome obstacles with agility and speed). Its main advantage lies in the fact of being a great option for a child’s first bicycle and people with little skill, and in the case of professionals who wish to perform the Freestyle, your lightness which provides agility to maneuver. Its main disadvantage is that the model is not suitable to travel long distances.


If your goal is extreme sports, it may be that the Downhill is your choice. With the name of the extreme sport focused on risky jumps, due and she is indicated only for lovers of sport. your main advantage is the great capacity of absorption of impacts with their suspensions prepared. Already its main disadvantages are the high cost and weight.


If you want convenience and mobility to carry your bike, the foldable are perfect. Urban use comfortable and agile in the large centers, it is ideal for paths where need to use meters, cars and buses, as they can be folded and transported with ease, including can be used to go to work. Its main advantage as already mentioned is your convenience and ease of transport and your biggest drawback is the price is usually high.

Riding Your Bike

After you have defined the model you need to think on how to ride your bike to the end to make it perfect for you, providing better performance and comfort. For this it is necessary to set the suspension, and ideal framework group.


The suspension is designed to let your path smoother, but your downside is that it increases the weight of the bike. For BMX, Folding styles and Speed your use is not necessary. To use light as of leisure you can use a simple suspension 60 mm course since the Montain models usually require suspension of great quality with an 80 mm travel.


The group is made up of front derailleur and rear, dowels, tapes, central bearing, foot divela, hubs and brakes. Usually all of them from a single make and model for best performance. In the case of beginners, it is recommended to use take the Shimano Altus 21/24v group with V-brake, and heavy use Group Acera or Relief 24/27v with Shimano hydraulic disc brake. In the table below you can see the frame measures recommended according to your average height.


The frame is measured in inches. In the table below you can see the appropriate size according to your height.

How to adjust your bike

After you define your model and assemble your bike according to the features that suit you and your style just lack regulate it.

Seat adjustment can be done two ways, the simplest is one foot pedal letting your leg almost stretched. Another recommended for those who already have ability to pedal is measure the height of the horse and adjust as shown in the figure below. Correct height results in a better use and avoiding the wear and tear of the knee.

Now you have all the information you need to become a cyclist. Whatever your goal, the important thing is to have a bike that corresponds to their needs and provide the best performance and comfort for your activity. Remember that it is in the case of the practice of sport or leisure, it is important to always practice and not letting the bike leaning after a while. Pedaling is something wonderful and worth investing in it, not just in cash with the purchase of the bike as well as the time dedicated to her. After that it’s just acquire your bike and go around, enjoying life with the beanpole company.