How to Choose Wall Sticker

The sticker has become one of the key accessories for decoration. Indeed, from the bedroom to living room, seen everywhere. Inexpensive and easy to install, we find thousands of models to suit all tastes. There are several types, it is not always easy to differentiate. Where can you support? Which to choose?

Choosing Stickers According to Location

To choose your sticker from the abundant choice, you need to determine exactly what room it will be installed.

If you install it in the kitchen, use a vinyl sticker. Unlike paper (the other stickers manufacturing material), vinyl is easier to clean and adheres better to the walls may be stained with fat.

If you put it in the bathroom, choose a suitable sticker stretches of water, which resists moisture constant. These stickers are available in specific stores DIY and decorating.

How to Choose Wall Sticker

The Perfect Place for Your Sticker

Once installed, it should not move. Be aware that there are removable stickers, but according to, it will be difficult to change room without deforming it or tear it, so the decision must be made ​​prior to installation. Avoid placing your sticker face a window. If however, you do not see a more convenient location, select again a vinyl sticker. It is also more resistant over the long term, especially in light alteration. We can put stickers on almost all surfaces. But it is better to avoid the plaster that does not allow a perfect adhesion due to its uneven terrain, as well as wallpapers that come off. Choose a cleared area and visible so that your sticker can proudly show off. The criterion the size is also a factor to take into account when laying. A sticker size will more easily find its place in a living room or a bedroom. If the sticker than a little to the side, better to cut the bend because the adhesion to the surface should be perfect for a perfect fit in time.