How to Clean Gold Jewellery

Necklace, bracelet and ring in gold can regain their brilliance and their beauty with a little cleaning. Simply follow the good maintenance practices of gold jewelry to restore their luster.

Simple methods to clean gold jewelry

Take care of her jewels in gold is not a very difficult action. There are also simple tips to make it happen. One of the most traditional methods is to use SOAP and water. Using a toothbrush to the hair of flexibility, just soak it in soapy water to clean gold jewelry.

Please also note that due to soak a chain or a gold bracelet in water warm mixed with a bit of Marseille SOAP provides an impressive result. This small special bath for her jewelry gold must be done for 10 to 15 minutes.

A little toothpaste on his gold jewelry is also effective. After them have well dried, it is advisable to Polish with the Microfiber cloth and jewelry found their brilliance.

Tips to clean the jewelry in gold set with precious stones

If gold jewelry are adorned with precious stones, needed a special cleaning. Use a toothbrush and baking is not very indicated whether a gold ring decorated with a stone. The best solution to get a ring and gold that shines without no dirt at the level of the precious stone is to use a toothpick. This allows to get rid of dirt in depth. After quickly under water, it must be well wipe it off and Polish it with a Microfiber cloth.

A little bread crumb that you rub gently allows to clean the gold with precious stones jewelry. The other alternative is to use a cloth soaked with alcohol 90 ° to clean gold jewelry. The last step is always polishing the jewelry with a Microfiber cloth.