How to Clean Your Cosmetic Bag


All women love the art of makeup: one of the things that can brighten the day buying a eyeshadow, a lipstick, a new powder. When we buy a cosmetic bag this is perfect because all colors inside it create a harmony beautiful, neat and clean. When you start using eye shadows but it is inevitable they leave dust across the bag, causing them to lose its initial splendor. In this guide we will discover how clean our cosmetic bag without damaging eye shadows that contains.

Clean Cosmetic Bag

You need

Be sure to have on hand:

  • makeup kit
  • transparent cellophane
  • soft sponge
  • soft small brush
  • cleansing milk or eye makeup remover
  • blotting paper

The makeup bag is now full of eyeshadow from all over and it’s time to clean it. To begin we must first open the bag: we must open all its compartments. Then we’re going to need small pieces of film or cellophane to cover each eye shadow, face powder, lipstick and lip gloss inside. All we have to do more than cut out pieces of cellophane in form and extent of small compartments that contain tips and place them over to these. Once covered will be protected enough to not let them get dirty with cleaner that will be used for cleaning.

Covered the tricks, with a very thin brush and soft, like what you use it for blending eye shadow, we can start cleaning itself. We must “dusting” every part of the bag, eliminating any speck of eye shadow that has settled between the various crops. Then we will need to cut a small piece of foam from a sponge: the important thing is that it is quite soft. Simply moisten with the cleansing milk, or with the eye makeup remover without exaggeration: If we put too much eye makeup remover we risk soiling even further our cosmetic bag.

Very gently, we go through in the towel over the various parts of the bag without ever removing the cellophane that we place earlier on to various sectors of the tricks. You will not need to exercise a particular pressure with the sponge on the cosmetic bag. The powder eye shadows and traces of lipsticks are removed automatically. The last thing to do and remove the cleaner from the bag using the paper towels very soft. If your bag was really critical, then you can repeat the operation so that if you remove the makeup kit still remained entirely. It only remains to remove the cellophane with great delicacy. Now your tricks should be clean and tidy as when you bought them.