How to Decorate a Room with Paintings?

Art history is intertwined with the history of painting. The painting on canvas is a newer version of good old painting, which enshrined big famous painters in the history of art. In this article, you will give suggestions on how you can decorate your home using decorative fabric paintings.

Tips on decorating with paintings and screens

The followings are some modest tips that you can take into consideration when decorating your home using canvas paintings:

  • Alignment: except in the case of artistic license, make sure that the paintings or frames are ready in parallel to the ceiling. This alignment is important to maintain the harmony of the positioning of tables;
  • Picture frames: not only the frame should be taken as a decorative element, but also the choice of the frame should weigh heavily when decorating a wall. Firstly, the frame must match the style of painting on canvas. Secondly, the frame must combine with something else in the room in order to create an atmosphere of unity in the space through the similarity of styles;
  • Harmony: similarity of styles. The secret art, design, decoration has always been harmony. Whoever gets the best harmony within the proposed style leads to good;
  • Inspiration: the Internet is full of pictures with examples of placements of artboards. You can find several galleries of images to inspire yourself;
  • Most expensive frames: I bet you have not read my blogs largely. So here’s a way for you, humble citizen, buy paintings of famous painters at a quite affordable price. Auctions! Simple, friend, public auctions!
  • Internet: you can find many stores that sell paintings on canvas, decorative artifacts and items/materials if you want to start painting. You can find many websites and blogs with tutorials on the basics of painting on the Internet, and virtually you don’ t need to spend money on this tutorial. What’s more, you will be provided a selection of shops where you can buy paintings on canvas and decorative materials if you want to start in the world of painting in tele. Most of the artists of the works shown in this article have online portfolio with other works on the Internet.

Where to buy paint on screen?

You can find it easily at fairs. In medium and large cities, there are days and specific places where held fairs and exhibits and artists sell their works for decorative purposes. You can find very cheap screen paintings of different colors, styles, tastes and types. If you do not find in any store in your city, you can buy paintings on fabric on the Internet.