How to Decorate Wedding Candles

At the wedding banquet is not just food, but also decorations that make the whole table looks beautiful and festive. Tables are mostly adorned with flowers and candles. And by candlelight will be today’s article.

Candles are a popular decorative element at weddings. Not only as part of the wedding table, but generally as a universal decorative element for interior spaces, but also for the exterior. Candles is not just pretty, but also practical.Illuminate outdoor seating or need to show the way. Candlelight is romantic and brings just the right festive atmosphere. Candles can not get enough. They look amazing because in different forms.

How can you use candles? 

First and foremost, of course, as the decoration of the wedding table. The possibilities are wide and imagination has no limits. You can of course be very creative, but remember that simplicity is beauty, and it is also important not to forget about practicality. The table has to look beautiful, but it should also be functional. So let enough space for plates and glasses and candles choose in order for them to enjoy and burned them while eating the way.

Of course we do not want wax dripping on the tablecloth. Candles so you can put on the stand or place them in a simple stand that most of all resemble glass.An interesting element may also be a mirror in which the decoration candle stand. This not only provides protection from dripping table teamster, but also more interesting decorative element.

Shops offering a plethora pads candles, including those with a mirror effect. If you like rather drink than mats, and here is a selection of the very broad. The simple decoration may then look like this: Very impressive look like floating candles, when a larger container (often vases) put various ornaments, quenched with water and the water is put a floating candle. What kind of container you use depends only on you. Decide according to the effect you want to achieve. Simpler lines act smartly. Ornate vases act again romantically. As a garnish to a floating candle can be used for virtually anything. Universal is a flower, the most you can never spoil anything … … but you can also choose other things that you matches your wedding theme. The following figures shows how you can use twigs, fruits, flower petals or rhinestones.

Besides cheap floating candles from manufacturer (official site at, of course, you can also use the classic candles and sit it is necessary to sand, gravel, colored beads, beads, but also anything else thematically appropriate. Treat yourself to a shop for creative tvořilce and see that the material for these purposes will find more than enough. Not to mention that you can use as well as everyday things that you normally have at home or find needed on the ground in the woods. As an example, coffee beans, all kinds of legumes and nuts. As we have said, the candles will also apply outside the wedding table. They can be applied in various forms decorate and interiors,whether the marriage hall, instead of receptions and corridors or any other area where your wedding takes place. Irreplaceable instead of having candles outside. They illuminate the access path stairs, outdoor furniture, pond or need improvised outdoor smoking area. Again, you can use candles in different forms and in different ways. Candles can stand or hang, you can use lanterns and lanterns. The lanterns can use the classic but cool effect and ensure good luck lanterns. Lanterns, which in turn can have hundreds of different forms – from classical through modern to the most improvised. From such ordinary jars can make beautiful single lantern. You can see for yourself at least FOLLOW images. We believe that today’s article you need to be inspired and inspired an interesting idea for your own wedding.