How to Dress 60s

The 60s revolutionized the world of fashion and brought with them a colorful and entertaining panorama. Highlight the birth of mini-skirts, go-go boots and a little later the trend that marked this era: hippie fashion with flared trousers, floral motifs and retro accessories symbol of peace. If you have been invited to a theme party or if you think you disguise 60s for any other festival like Carnival or Halloween, pay attention to advice the following article Tout Comment.

For girls, the disguise of the 60 can be varied with the option to choose the look naive, a style a little more sober, neat, or the hippie mode that is imposed later. If you want to project the feminine style of the 60s, we advise you to choose a dress of one color and straight cut combined with a cardigan, a short wing hat and accessories like necklaces and beaded earrings white. Similarly, mini-skirts with knee high boots with big heels were all the rage among women of the 60s, so it’s also a good option for your disguise.

If you prefer to emphasize the style that dominated the 60s, the hippie look, you need to choose the colorful and extravagant. Just wear trousers or jeans flared you have at home and combine them with a top or shirt floral pattern or contains bright colors like orange, yellow, fuchsia, blue, purple, etc. The floral dresses or psychedelic patterns with very high boots are also a perfect fit to be a very stylish hippie.

Regarding the accessories to disguise your 60s, at the time were all the rage: hats, sunglasses are retro style, round and colors and all kinds of hippies accessories like scarves or ribbons around the lights head, big necklaces, earrings and bracelets to the symbol of peace and love. Do not skimp on the details and complete your outfit with accessories like these to give it a touch more original.

If you are a man , you can get a disguise 60s very simple way. Flared jeans, a white shirt and misty brown fringed vest can be your best alternative. If you want a disco look typical of the 60s, we advise you to combine a monochrome trousers with a patterned shirt worn in the pants and boots with platform. And please include the accessories we mentioned above you.

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