How to Dress Like in the 50s

There is nothing more fun than a theme party to imitate and be transported at any time, culture, or anywhere. If you are to prepare one or you’ve been invited to this kind of party, we suggest you choose the years 50 when the explosion of rock, culture, icons, color and good music led to a golden age and very fun. In the following article Our site contains ideas to help you find how you dress up like in the 50s. There are several very fun options that will leave your guests speechless.

Costumes 50s: elegance

While in the 50’s rock has created new fashion trends, new lifestyles and a new image of youth, do not forget that elegance and high fashion were also present at this age Golden. If you want to adapt to the 50s, you can opt for this classic line.

Gray flannel suits for men, the typical style of the business woman or sheath skirts and pleated shirts for the ladies, do not miss. Essentials hats or caps, gloves, sunglasses and hair ornaments. You will be full.

Costumes 50s: rock for him

Inconceivable 50 years without good music. So if you plan to dress up as then, what better than to do it with a straight pants and a leather jacket. If you do not know exactly how, we aim to inspire the movie “Grease”, praising the urban youth of the time to the rhythm of rock.

For them, straight cut jeans with cuffs at the ankles, a cotton shirt (short sleeves or straps) and essential leather jacket or jeans. The solid gel hair, always with a small comb in the jacket and a cigarette in the mouth enough to perfectly recreated the youth 50s style.

Costumes 50s: rock for her

The girls in this decade are also known to love LeRock and swing . If you want to be a realshock hop , it’s best to opt for skirts style poodle with pretty printed, like moles, combined with a sweater or shirt with short sleeves and a beautiful pearl necklace. This type of clothing was often worn by girls from the 50 to exit. And for the feet? Tennis ! The more comfortable to move to the rhythm of rock.

For the more daring a good skinny jeans, a ponytail tied with a ribbon and a shirt out of the pants along with a denim or leather jacket, that will give you a more casual style, sensual and daring. On tout Comment, we tell you how to find clothes from the 50s.

Déquisement 50s: camera on wheels

When we think of the 50s, we think of drivings or retro glaciers. Why not rely on it to create a costume that will create the atmosphere of your party? Take note! To become a genuine or awaiter or waitress in a famous Car Shop, you must have skates.

For the ladies, a short skirt off but combined with a common white shirt. To sir, straight pants rolled up at the ankle. And for both, opt for accessories like an appropriate apron, a pencil and a notepad. Remember to wear the tray over your shoulders and to master the 4 wheel skates. You will be perfect (e)!

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