How To Fold Your Shirt Sleeve

Fold the sleeves of the shirt has always been a social question that I presented here at the Club Style.

On the internet there are countless tutorials showing various forms of doing. And good?Almost no features that really matters, which is what we should avoid to bend a long sleeve.

First we need to know that the more folded is the more casual shirt you will be. And it’s great look informality.

We just need to know that when we want to be a little less casual we shouldn’t rise much bending of the shirt.

The more bent the more casual shirt you will be.

As here you all know, I love my non-negotiable to-do list in men’s fashion. And one of them is precisely that double the foldy bit “naughty” that many men display the streets.

From there the rest I deal (I’m half general right, lol).

For example, you want to fold three times the fist?All right. Want to double four or more, until you reach the height of your biceps, all right.

And if you don’t want to fold the sleeve and stay with her stretched until the fists? All right. Has your time, not just to be formal as to make a stylish visual.

The only thing that we have to be careful is: have your shirt folded tightly to your arm, keeping it down.

Stretch shirt is more masculine when she was just in the arms is also a little folding upwards (see video in Stunnerdresses).

What about that bent that I show first in the video, remember, I said that is a personal opinion not mine: gostto of this story to show the different color handle when the stretch shirt (see photo below).

Looks like you planned that handle different color milimétricamente popping up. And in my opinion, nothing better than convey a sense to others that you are stylish without making effort (see below).

Don’t be in such a hurry to fold your shirt. You will probably spend a good part of your day with her, and you want to be well presented and showing that it is ready for battle. So the expression “roll up your sleeves”.

So before you consider any way fold their sleeves think first avoid slack in doubles, getting away from the arm.