How to Install Samsung Good Lock and Enjoy The New Interface Now

Samsung Good Lock is an experiment of refreshment of the interface Touchwiz, which has been renewed periodically since April this year. At the time it coincided with the launch of the Galaxy S7 and was exclusive of the high range of Samsung. The reason? Need Marshmallow to operate.

Several things have changed since April until today. Good Luck has been updated a few times by applying improvements requested by the community and Marshmallow has started to hesitantly reach one larger number of terminals. It is the case of the Galaxy A5 and A7 of 2015 and the A3, A5 and A7 in 2016. They are not officially supported, but nothing prevents you to also install Good Lock on them.

Most importantly, take Marshmallow

The official list of devices supported by Good Lock included Galaxy S7, S6 and Note 5, which joins the latest update Galaxy Note 7. However, it is now possible to find Marshmallow in other lower-end devices, and Good Lock can also be installed in them.

The main problem here is made with Marshmallow Maybe Samsung distributes its devices under a large number of different models, and these are updated at the same time slowly, country by country. It is the case of the A5 original, only available in Russia or the A3 from 2016, available in Spain, Turkey, Russia and South Africa.

We must remember that whenever the model is the same and your mobile will be free, You can Flash the ROM from another country. The difference is normally noticeable in some application pre-installed for that country or in the number of languages available from settings. That Yes, under your own account and risk, clear.

Installed the APK

Good Lock is officially distributed in Galaxy Apps, but if your phone is not in the select list of compatible devices, will not you. As always, nothing prevents you to download the APK from a legit as APKMirror page. The latest version today is 24.0.12.

Good Lock is actually a modified version of the System UI, and as such it will ask permission to replace this implementation of the system. Don’t worry because technically not delete anything, they installed “over” equal to what happens when you update other applications pre-installed from factory.

Restart the terminal

After modifying a part of the system as important as System UI, you need restart the terminal to avoid errors and scares. It would have been technically valid with restart the application, but in Samsung have due is smarter a reboot, so I request you just finish the installation. You don’t have the option to refuse anyway.

Now: time to configure

As soon as the mobile back to life, you will be welcome by a succession of windows of information showing you all the changes. Basically focus on the notifications, lock screen and recent applications window area.

Changes can overwhelm a little at first, but don’t worry, fortunately many of the more radical changes can be set from the Good Lock options. For example, if the new list of recent applications in text do not convince you, always you can return to the view with preview.

If you don’t like it, you return the… Original UI system

In my tests Good Lock I have found a simple and smart way to give a breath of fresh air to terminals of some years ago that despite Marshmallow, have been essentially the same aspect that almost two years ago. In any case, if you’re not convinced, You can always uninstall it as any other application, and there is even a shortcut to uninstall the application options.