How To Know The Number Of The Bike Rim

The other day I wanted to get on the bike and get the “flying” by this road, I would just like to decompress a little work. I got on the bike and when I go to start pedaling I note that one of the tires was empty, greatest of misfortunes without possibility of patching. There I had to go to the store to buy a new tire, I forgot to take the flat tire and I don’t know what the number of the rim. Conclusion, I had to go home, go back into the store to buy the tire and my relaxation time just because I didn’t keep the bike in good condition. If you want to avoid this work just read this a article and learn how to know the number of the bicycle rim.

Looking at the tire

An easy way to know the number of the bike rim is to check the entries in the tires, it is often possible to see if it is 26 ‘, 27 ‘ or 29 ‘ being that this measurement is in inches. In addition to the number of the rim, these inscriptions also have the tire pressure required for that type of tire.

Instruction manual

If you recently purchased a bicycle to go to work or just for leisure on weekends must still have kept the manual accompanying the bike. In this manual, in part for the bike tyres must have the number of the rim, to be easier to replace the tires if some ruptures. When you’re riding a bike don’t forget to bring the proper equipment.

Use the measuring tape

Another way to know the number of the bicycle rim is using a tape measure to measure the diameter of the wheel. Put your bike standing on a wall. Take the measuring tape and place one end on the bottom of the wheel, go stretching the tape across the wheel until you reach the other side. Note the cm on a piece of paper and take that statement to the store, they will do the conversion to inches. If you want you can use Google to convert the measure.

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