How to Look Slim in Leggings

As you all I guess, I had seen the pub shorty slimming legs bums and tums, and slimming leggings integral legs on TV several times and these clothes had intrigued. How can they make us slim down? Obviously I was skeptical … So when I received them, I told myself that I would perhaps finally understand. Or not.

Both can be worn discreetly and directly under clothing (or outright as “real clothes” in the case of leggings) and are imbued with slimming microcapsules of caffeine allowing continuous diffusion of the product (caffeine is already recognized for its slimming and-burning fat, you probably know if you already use anti-cellulite creams).

What do I think? Does it really work?
This is probably what you all know, HEIN! Coquinettes. Well, know that among the positives, figure snapshot sheathing effect that I actually found: Whether with the shorty or with leggings, stomach pretty well flattened and upper thighs refined. Concerning legging more specifically, it is doing very tight and gives a very nice effect faired once donned.

To be honest, the biggest problem I encountered is the fact that it would be able to wear them continuously produced for a while to really be able to see real change  (ie they are effective up to 30 washes). I personally wore leggings and / or the shorty 5 days in a row (in the cleansing time to hand in time) during my last week of vacation in the mountains, under my ski pants … but I ‘I ended up getting, I had something else to do my laundry. But I have seen encouraging results I found that the skin was really smooth “flattened” so less “orange peel”. This was particularly evident during the famous ski week (or I combined leggings slimming + anti-cellulite cream + sport!):  The back of my thighs was really soft and perfectly smooth (although I have the chance to do hardly have cellulite, I still had a big effect “tensioning”)!

However, I have seen no change in the stomach area (I guess this kind of product allows you to make a nice “finishing” smoothed when working a minimum his abs and that we have a balanced diet … not like me, so be it, I keep my small can). So I have a preference for the leggings because I saw a real little change in the legs and I loved the feeling “sheathed” that it afforded me (besides, it must be great for those tired legs!).

What do you think? Have you tested these products? And those Mixa?