How to Make Bracelets: Leather

Leather Bracelets

Who lives in the world of connected accessories have you noticed that theBracelets are with everything! Overrated, they became indispensable fashion item for both day to day and special occasions. The most requested models lately are Shambala, Leather, Macrame among others.

In addition to being very stylish, they often surprised by the simplicity. They are so simple that it can be done at home, by yourself. Don’t believe me?! Well, in this post we split up the best tips and step by step how to Make Bracelets. Here at eJewelry you can get more models of the fashion bracelets.

All models above we broke up one of the simplest and also it makes more success: the Leather Bracelets with chain. They can be colored Rhinestones, pendants and all that you find interesting. Check out the walkthrough and tips on how to make:

How To Make Leather Bracelets


3 pieces of chain with about of 15 cm;

Thin leather straps;


Rhinestones and pendants if there is interest;

To better illustrate the process of elaboration of the attachment, we split up avideo tutorial made by the blog Love Glitter. Check out:

But what about you, what do you think of the tips? And the accessory? Comment.