How to Make Perfect Eyebrows

How To Make Perfect Eyebrows

To have a harmonious face with an expressive look is essential to keep your eyebrows well made. But even more important than do the eyebrows is doing it the right way.

So we separanos some tips on how to make perfect eyebrows. Check out:

first: it is necessary to respect the natural shape of the eyebrow and valuing what is beautiful in the face.

2nd: the thickness is your criteria, but there are some limits for each type of face. See some models of formats and thicknesses:

3rd: time to get your hands dirty, use a pair of tweezers. The method is pretty old but still is safer and with better results.

4: the time to retouch the eyebrows varies greatly. In general the effect of eyebrows made lasts 15 days.

5: avoid cutting with the scissors. This method is only recommended for those with very voluminous eyebrows.

Sixth: to keep your eyebrows always beautiful is important not to change much.Choose what most suits you and keep.

Remember that it is necessary to be cautious in time to remove the wires not to overdo it. If you still get too much, let her grow up as much as possible, and seek the help of a professional.