How to Put Bike Helmet, Safety Tips and Good Use

It is true that during the seasons of the year in which the temperature is more friendly, proliferates the cycling community in an exponential manner. Many of us went out to ride, but it is also true that an important part ‘of the peloton’ is beginning in this sport, and most sins when it comes to using the single supplement focused on the safety of the rider. We tell you how to get the bike helmet, safety tips and good use.

The world of cycling in all its aspects is growing leaps and bounds. Since it was invented this means of ecological transport, for us one of the great achievements of humanity, until today, the hobby has gone Addend followers in any corner of the world, each according to their physical capacities.

We are delighted to attend this bicycle explosion in person. However, every weekend it usually accompanies us new people in the Group and almost every weekend, we have cyclists without too much experience coming from route. Many of ell@s lead to the helmet in any way. ERROR!

So, at the request of a few aficionad@s, I we relate in this article how we must get the helmet correctly.

Recently, we had on our blog Biciclaje a few useful tips to succeed in the election of the town. We made it clear that bike helmet is one of the fundamental, basic supplements out pedaling.

The helmet is designed to protect you in the event of a fall or accident, but if you don’t take it correctly, may not serve anything using it (or even you have the most expensive market), rather than to give you heat.

Taking into account these tips for the acquisition of the helmet that suits you, the chosen must stay perfectly. But now touches set it for proper use and safety concerns.

NOTE. Recently we are witnessing an accident on a tour of Segovia. The fall was little cumbersome, without injuries just, but hull was completely deshauciado. The reason, helmets expire. With time, use and sweat, climate, humidity… expanded polystyrene which are built bike helmets, hardens and becomes more brittle. It is advisable to change every 4 or 5 years old.

How to properly put the bike helmet

1-. Placed straight quarter. ‘Don’t drop the helmet on your head’ as if you were putting a tablecloth.

The helmet must be properly positioned, straight or tilted to one side as if you were a marine, or backwards (this looks much, by the way). You should not take it very in advance, at least a couple of fingers of your brow should be seen.

Take it back or sideways implies is not at all set, and that the helmet with any vibration will move over your head. You must avoid to the maximum. He thinks that it is an extension of your link and that will save you in the event of a fall.

  1. Adjusts the strap around the neck.Many riders forget completely adjust it because it overwhelms them or simply out of ignorance.

They buckle helmet and you can put up to four finger between the strap and the neck. ERROR!

Keep in mind that when we go on the bike, we have the head tilted back, so more release cinch it still remains.

Why theirs is to tighten the straps so that they are well attached to our ‘Chin’.

So they take some easy-to-handle right on closing, setting parts that will allow you to make short or long the journey of straps.

Sometimes it goes without much girth after ajutarlo. You can cut it and adjust it to your needs (then burning the edges of the webbing so that no fraying). The rest, what spare, hook it with a plastic that bike helmets are often carried for this purpose.