How to Shorten The Strap of a Watch


Hip Hop watches, are colorful and stylish, its main characteristic is the design, which is appreciated by youngsters, thanks to the huge variety of models. They also have the great ease of adjustment of the strap when consists entirely of rubber and then easy maneuverability and adaptability; strap measures are created in a standard way, then we can refine and adapt to our wrist, without resorting to any skilled craftsman in the field; in this guide we see how and what steps to follow to shorten the measure and run this simple operation.

Take the strap of your watch with Hip Hop style and a pair of scissors, and position yourself sitting comfortably. Get an idea as precisely as possible how much you want to shorten your strap, measuring in grooves. Notice how your rubber strap seems to be composed of many small bumps and grooves between each other: count how many you should remove to get the size that suits you. Must be an even number, so you can divide by two and find out how many channels you have to remove to part to make a symmetrical work (of course, rounded up if the perfect number for you would be odd).

First of all we must choose which side should be implemented the process of reduction of the measure. Take the strap clip, i.e. that object which closes the whole thing and rimuoviamola, sliding it horizontally on the rubber. Don’t worry if it doesn’t flow, we try to wash the strap to slide better the clip; We do strength, therefore and rimuoviamola, then using the scissors, cut along the grooves deeper, trying to cut in a decisive manner, to make a clean cut without rubber residues, aesthetically ugly. However, let us not worry about any errors, because even if the rubber is a little transparent, will be partly covered by the locking clip.

After we are done with the first side chose, we put the clothing clip, and along came half the job. Now, we repeat the same operation on the other side, always cutting firmly on the desired channel. We just have to replace the clothing clip, finally, also on this side of your strap. Important is to try to cut the same size on both sides, so that the clock, once at the wrist, is not only the right size, but also precisely centered.