How to Speed Up Labor

Knowing how to speed up labor will help you have a less painful and calmer birth. In this article we will give you 5 key tips.

How to Speed Up Labor

Accelerating labor naturally is simpler than you can imagine. The following tips are easy to maintain and, for the most part, no extra cost for the family budget. In addition they can still make it more peaceful.

All tips only work if the cervix is ​​already in the process of maturing. This means that they are all advised throughout a healthy and normal pregnancy .

In case of risky pregnancy, always follow the instructions of the doctor accompanying you.



Whether it’s hiking, swimming, yoga or even doing the housework, it’s important that you move. By exercising the muscles around the uterus, it will stimulate the onset of contractions and thus speed up labor .

In addition, physical exercise is important throughout the pregnancy as it allows the woman to stay active and can also be an excellent help for postpartum recovery.

It is easier to regain your fitness if you are not completely up for nine months.


Sexual intercourse helps accelerate labor in three ways:

  • the orgasms provoke the uterine stimulus;
  • the release of oxytocin caused by orgasm will allow the contractions to begin faster, as this hormone this hormone is responsible for the contraction of the uterus;
  • the prostaglandin hormone contained in the semen, when associated with the effort of the sexual act is also a strong stimulus to the contraction of the uterus, but only in this final phase of pregnancy, in which the cervix is ​​already in the process of maturing.

In case of rupture of the water, sexual intercourse is advised as it may give rise to infections.


The use of relaxation techniques is important to speed up labor. Pain is naturally present in childbirth, although the degree of pain differs from woman to woman, as it depends on the pain tolerance of each woman.

The woman’s natural reaction will be to create tension in the body, which will further intensify the pain.

By learning relaxation techniques and, of course, applying them in a timely manner will not only help the body relax but also reduce the pain it feels.


Chinese medicine argues that a woman, in order to go into labor, needs to be surrounded by heat. Perhaps that is why there are those who advise the pregnant woman to eat spicy foods to speed up labor, but this is not scientifically proven.

A warm but not too hot bath will allow the muscles to relax, the woman relax, and the blood circulation to improve. All these factors together, may allow to accelerate labor.


Acupuncture techniques are recognized as effective in treating various health problems. Also in the final stage of pregnancy, it is advised.

Needles when placed at specific points in the pregnant woman’s body will help reduce delivery time. However, you should seek a doctor who is already experienced with pregnant women.

Of course, in the case of a woman wanting to do acupuncture throughout her pregnancy, she should consult her doctor because the points where the needles are placed will not be the same as where they will be placed to speed up labor.

Keeping in mind the tips that we leave here and putting them into practice will allow labor to be shorter and not so painful.