How to Start a Construction of Swimwear

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When speaking of Brazil for foreigners, the first thing that most people think is the natural landscapes, more specifically on the beaches which are the postcard of the country abroad. And no wonder, after all, the country is the “face” of the summer, having regions that record high temperatures during most of the year, a real invitation to the admirers of the Sun do not forget to pick up a beach weekend.

Go to the beach requires an entire preparation of the people, especially with regard to used clothing for the occasion because it is necessary to use swimsuits as, for example, bikinis, Swimsuits, swimwear, beach items and cover. These pieces are “mandatory” in the wardrobe of someone who loves to enjoy a beach frequently or only during the holidays, in addition to being a good business opportunity for people who wish to undertake in a promising sector, since this is a big demand products on the market.

You would like to set up a factory Of Swimwear? To increase your chances of being successful in this area is necessary to build a planning, taking into account since the choice of the site until the raw material used by the company.

The garment sector has peculiar characteristics, such as seasonality, i.e. every change of season, new clothes need to be made available, after all, in the winter, people seek warmer clothes instead of skirts or Bermuda, for example. Already in swimwear this is a problem faced, your time is the summer, so I need to sell very well to achieve a profit to share all year, or use of subsidiary forms, offering other products during the course of the year, avoiding the seasonality.

However, stresses, although this difficulty when working with production of swimwear, it’s still a great option, since well structured. There are numerous cases of businessmen who make a lot of money in the industry.

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Learn More About Making Swimwear

In fact, the station symbol of Brazil is summer, after all, this is a country of tropical climate with high temperatures during most of the year, mainly in the Southeast, Northeast, North and Center-West. To face the heat, most people seek to freshen up on beaches and clubs, this simple leisure activity is also a business opportunity, as there is a demand for products of swimwear.

Even though the swimwear being quite popular nowadays, specific costumes are relatively recent pieces on the market. The Bikini was created during the Decade of 1940, having far greater proportions than nowadays, but it was still considered clothing women bolder. But, over the years, the swimsuits were evolving, gaining more references in the world of fashion and decreasing in size.

Currently, the swimwear is extremely popular, being seen with an investment opportunity for those who want to invest in a niche in the industry. Trade in swimsuits has a very active consumers, being composed in your most by young women and adults, because these parts are replaced frequently because they are old or to follow the trends of the fashion universe.

In addition to swimwear, other garments branch that has grown a lot and has a very specific audience, highly consumerist, are the children’s clothing stores. This can be a great business to work, review!

Market For The Manufacture Of Swimwear

If you want to mount a production of swimwear, know that this is the best country for this kind of business. Well, Brazil is the largest manufacturer of swimwear, having the biggest consumers in the industry. Today, the country has developed specific technologies for the manufacture of bikinis and swimsuits, having won the domestic and foreign customers, which is due to your quality and distinctive style and daring.

A very common thing you’ll see when you review the swimwear of foreign countries is the fact that they’re not as daring or small, however, there are many applications for export of bikinis made in Brazil.

Invest in a construction of swimwear has what it takes to bring good financial income, since this sector has an annual turnover of $ $1.9 billion, being responsible for the production of over 60 million. According to ABIT (Brazilian Association of Textile and Clothing Industry), the country has more than 1,000 clothing swimwear registered formally. This niche clothing is expanding in Brazil, being possible to have a monthly revenue of R real $100,000 real $50,000 R, depending on the size and scope of the business.

How To Mount A Production Of Swimwear

Open a construction of swimwear is a very promising business, having a target audience is economically active.However, to succeed in this field of activity is necessary to structure it in every detail, from the choice of location for setting up the company until the required equipment. Track down how to mount a production of swimwear:

1-Location To Mount The Production Of Swimwear

The choice of location for setting up the production of swimwear has different variables that must be taken into consideration. Firstly, it is not a rule, but the ideal is that the company is set at an area next to the beach, which facilitates direct marketing with the stores, enabling work with fixed demands, ensuring your profit.

In addition, the production of swimwear should also be mounted on a point that has visibility, having easy access to the suppliers deliver goods and for employees to get to work, reducing the cost of transport.

2-Legal Requirements For Setting Up The Production Of Swimwear

To open a production of swimwear is necessary to follow all legal requirements. You will need to report to the Board of trade of the city to make the request for the opening of the business, and I need to display all your personal documents. In the next step, you have to go to the city to make the application for Licence, Licence from the Fire Department and environmental license.

To start the activities must obtain the CNPJ (national register of legal entities) on the website of the Secretariat of Federal revenue, in addition to the record at the State Department from farm to the collection of taxes and the framework on Trade Union Entity Employer to grant the benefits of the employees.

The CNPJ is very important to open up a store, even more clothing, through the presentation of the document it is possible to acquire the goods in wholesale, in greater quantity, getting exclusive prices for retailers. With this, you may have a higher profitability on swimwear or even pass along the discount to its consumers.

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3-Structure For Making Swimwear

The success of the production of swimwear depends on your structure. Therefore, it is necessary to count on a minimum of 100 m ², divided between the Office to take care of administrative matters, the area of production of parts, stock for storing the raw material and ready-made parts, in addition to a bathroom for employees.

For the Office, you’ll need a desk, a Chair, a computer with internet, a printer and a telephone. To the area of production is need to have 5 sewing machines serger with 2 needles, 5 galoneiras machines engine with 3 needles, 5 machines for cutting fabric, wooden table of 1.80 m, 6.00 m C elastiqueira BT, collarette of serger, infant manikins, adult male and female. In total, your initial investment to set up a construction of swimwear will be on average R real $100,000,000.

See, the real price of R $100000 can be considered a relatively high value for starting a business, but we are treating here of a construction of swimwear of medium-to-large size, you can mount a smaller company, consequently will have a decrease in the value of the investment.

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4-Team To Work On Making Swimwear

For the manufacture of swimwear to work full steam ahead, you must assemble a staff composed of a stylist, a Modeler, two cutters, five seamstresses, an Administrative Assistant, two salespeople, one General Services Assistant and a driver. All employees should be recorded in working papers.

5-Raw Material For The Manufacture Of Swimwear

Making swimwear starts with the manufacturing of basic products like bikinis, Swimsuits, sarongs, beach, speedos, sunquínis and bodies, it is necessary to have a stock with diverse raw material for making them. Therefore, the company needs to acquire all kinds of fabrics such as cotton, mesh, synthetic fiber.

It is also necessary to acquire accessories for composition as metal slits, buttons, bulge, roletê for adjustment of bikinis, etc. Before buying the raw material it is recommended to do a survey of suppliers to find the best options for your business.

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