How to Style a Tweed Jacket

Boring this great basic? Not so sure, but on the other hand it is the right alternative off season, it is removed when the thermometer reads spring temperatures.

Its Origins

The British noble material was honored in a boutique feel with Mademoiselle Chanel. In 1954, the seamstress pioneering uses it to offer women a chic and comfortable workwear. This idea of functionality leaves them complete freedom of movement and rivals the prestige and seriousness of businessmen costumes. This safe value and symbol of women’s emancipation, became an icon of the famous house and continues to make us dream, revisited each season without a wrinkle. For its part the famous weaving has managed over time be broken at all costs and in all styles to invest the trendiest more to the less fortunate dressings.


Side colors, everything suits him: brown, beige and black caviar white or gray values ​​remind him of his masculine and English origins. She keeps her ultra-chic and tradi we will take care to break with a nervous matter like jeans, leather or even Vinyl who heckle the style.
Pastel, she is more feminine and result takes a small air vintage and fresh pleases us well. It forces the line by mixing with the soft and matte textures, small mesh sky, soft pink or green water and skin in natural colors.
More and more new pep in live UK remains at will, but with a little more impertinence. OK us, so we like on an optical white to stay toned and elegant.
In black as white, we love this season it is enhanced with a lurex thread or delicate silver sequins, it’s much more glam?

Side section, it is prohibited to nothing, with or without collar, with or without pocket …
However, there are some rules for choosing his partners. The short version just below the waist, nickel for small, easily placed on a skirt or pants if he has a high waist.
On a slightly loose robe, it favors a longer model not tamp the silhouette.

And the great one slender slim body, collar will look great on soft pants together with men style jackets in XXL width.

Finally side accessories, opt for discreet jewelery, but for the shoes we are seduced by a fantasy note; close to the vest, they are unlikely to conflict.

For a tweed jacket, that’s the good looking!