How to Take Care of Your Shoes

Here are some tips that will give you a lot of pleasure in your new or used shoes:

Open The Shoe

Before you put on or remove the shoe, the best way to open the laces is to keep the shoe open, even when slipping is much faster.

Change Shoes Daily

It is just more hygienic to allow your shoes to break even a day. Because your foot absorbs moisture, which the shoe absorbs and also saves. Once the shoe has the possibility, it can completely dry out in the one day, thus also increasing the life of the material. Tip: An insertion sole reduces the moisture in the shoe and gives the foot an additional comfortable feeling!

Shoe Tensioner

Leather pleats are always there again, but can be avoided by a simple trick: just equip your shoes with a matching shoe tensioner after wearing. As a result, the shoe has the possibility to dry more quickly and on the other hand the natural shape of the shoe is maintained.

Proper Care

So that you have a long time of pleasure in your shoes, it is important that the shoe care corresponds to the current season, because a shoe needs more protection in winter than in the summer. So if you want to use a new cleanser, try to avoid any unwanted results. Important: Make sure that the shoe cream fits the shoe in color to prevent discoloration.

Use Shoehorn

Clear advantages for the Schuehöffel: It not only saves a lot of time when putting on, but also protects the heel part of the shoe, which can be very sensitive. The heel of the shoe is quickly deposited, which can cause kinking in the leather and leads to damage to the shoe sooner or later.

Proper Storage Of Shoes

Yes, storage also plays an important role in the life of footwear. It is best to store in a cool place, as heat dries leather and other materials quickly and makes it brittle and brittle. To protect the shoes from dust, a closed shoe cabinet is recommended. This should however be well-ventilated and equipped with enough space, because the stacking of shoes often leaves bad traces.

Adjust Shoes To Meet The Day’s Requirements

Every activity has different requirements – even for the feet. So think about what awaits you and then choose the right footwear. If you need to run a lot in the office, a comfort shoe is an advantage because it is comfortable and provides an optimal grip. For the party in the evening, you may also want to be high heels, because you can also sit for a glass of champagne at the bar to relax your feet!

Wet Shoes Never Put On The Heater

You have to be patient and give the material enough time to dry. The best way to fill the shoe is with conventional newspaper paper, which supports the drying process. If you place shoes too close to the oven or the heater, the surface may become cracked and brittle.

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