How to Tie a Split Shot

In many cases, the angler must add some weight to his presentation so that it can throw it where the fish are. In some cases, split shot is the best platinum to be used for other types of fishing sinkers are too heavy for this task. A split shot is a small lead or tungsten weight in the form of ball – resembling character Pac -Man – but with “fins” that open on the opposite side of platinum when squeezed together. After opening the blades, you can tie your line of split shot to make its platform some weight that allows you to send it away when you need casting.

Things you need: 
Fishing poles and tackle
Split photos of various sizes
Needle – nose pliers

Show more instructions:

Find the location of your fishing line where you want to connect your split shot. When fishing in rocky, gravel-bottomed streams, split shot, located about 18 cm below your hook keeps the hook from the bottom, reducing the number of trunks. Fishing the muddy, soft bottom allows you to place the split shot above the hook line, with the distance from the hook usually determined at least 12 inches.

Select the correct weight of the split shot about the situation. Fishing in strong current may require a much larger images to keep split your presentation to go down too quickly, while fishing where the water has no movement allows you to go with a much smaller and lighter split shot.

Squeeze the two ribs of the split shot together using a pair of needle nose pliers. Refrain from using your teeth to avoid chipping a tooth. Squeezing all the forces of pliers open the opposite side of the split shot. Do not pinch the edges tightly so that they meet.

Hold the separation shot with thumb and forefinger, so that you have access to both sides of it. Run your hook through the hole created by your pinching action on the opposite side of the split shot. Hold line into the slot was created so that it is as close as possible to the center of the split shot as possible.

Wrap the line around the split shot so that it runs between two ribs on the other side and back through the crack again. There should be two wraps of line into the slot now. Pinch a split shot closed with your pliers maintain order in now – closed the gap. By packaging line twice about split shot to protect it from the possibility to slide up and down your line when you cast and retrieve.