How to Use Cardigan This Season

Extremely versatile, cardigans are parts-Joker for terms in the closet. In addition to not being linked to any station, after all, protect both the late afternoon breeze as the air-conditioning boring company, you can find (and have) of different models for different styles.

«But what is?
Cardigan is a coat, originally from tricot (but nowadays found in different plots), with the closing in front, usually without a collar and long sleeves. Not to be confused with su have.

Identified? You must have at least one in the closet, after all it’s a super democratic. Because they are usually made of a heavier fabric and unstructured, the cardigan just shaping up very well to all kinds of bodies. As it is opened in the Middle, it automatically sought the look, that is a great trick to make it more harmonious. Of course, like everything else, you’ll find the one that fits best for your life and your body shape.

In General, the cardigans are great features of style and score very well several types of look. Here are a few tricks for using cardigan:

Long and super long

First of all, let’s remember that the concept of long is something variable (since we have different heights, right), but in General what we call long/super long is this effect you see in the photos above. Nowadays, this is one of the easier bet trends and is born of the 90 ‘s/combinationnormcore with (always present) boho.

The long cardigan works well when you play directly with the length of him: or causing a super contrast between the lengths, or following directly the length of cardigan with it off. And that goes for the bottom (pants, skirt, short) or to the top bar (blouse, top).

Maxi X Mini

Without doubt, the “maxi” version is the most current and beloved these days. It is defined by the long length (we talked about up there) and/or by more modeling largona, Middle-Middle boyfriend pajamas, which is wonderful in contrast with most pieces glued to the body, most romantic pieces or sportsbook.

The mini is more porous and are those cardigans more on style bolero that already tired a little. But that’s why you won’t use? None of this. A good way to update is to use it as a sweater, kept inside the bottom, or with the ends tied as a cropped (that Yes, super high).

Watch the appearance of sloppiness

You can’t deny that the cardigan is a piece extremely comfortable -feeling which increases according to the size and his cuteness. But he has a loungewear (or clothes-to-stay-at-home, in our beloved Portuguese) and, therefore, we have to watch the other parts and accessories that we will match.

Adjusted parts underneath the cardigan tend to work best, in this case. If you are a fan of the oversize General, try to be with the hair tidy and with accessories. Show the ankles and wrists also leave with less expensive look of sloppiness (who knows why, but it’s true).

«Extra Tricks:

◊ Double sleeve (or blouse or dress) over the sleeve of cardigan. The effect is even more cute if the contrast of colors and prints.
◊ The contrast of style and materials of the manufacturing works very well, even with tailoring for the desktop.
◊ Many people uses the cardigan as a great “disfarçador”, but remember that they all have a focal point (that enhances rather than disguise) and can be in the bar, in pockets or where starts the closing of the buttons.