How to Use: Corset

After the revolution of clothing and of relief for not having the ribs squeezed by pieces that made women swoon, the corset is back! Fashion is cyclical or not?

Super sexy, today they appear on t-shirts and larguin has leave the most thin silhouettes, something that every woman wants. But like everything in this life, he also has his disclaimers.

Use a corset is how to divide the body according to The upper and lower parts will appear immediately, while a safety belt is created. Everything beautiful, if you do not have too much volume or above or below the corset.

In addition to this detail, another hint: it ends up being an accessory, like a mega belt, and must harmonize with the rest of the visual. It doesn’t have to be all right, but a certain logic is required. And it’s always good to have in mind where you will parade. In a ballad he can be more rock roll, at a party asks for more sophistication.

Can you use at work? This look below is super low profile and shows. Of course the corset does more the role of belt, blouse, skirt and everything has a professional mega man more than Executive pin up.

At most, trust in the mirror. If you think you got over too much, too tight, too weird, discard. Fashion passes, style suits your.


The Corset or Corset emerged by the 16th century in England, and had as its aim to maintain posture and support the breasts. Only 19TH century thanks to the invention of the eyelets and the use of whale fins that attention was focused on the waist and began the era of tiny waists, known as the Victorian era. The play fell into disuse in the year 1901, was when was invented the BRA. In the Decade of 1930 she was used by the Pin-ups and inspired Christian Dior, who created the New Look. At the end of the Decade of 1940 the corset became a fetish accessory. In the early 80 some designers brought back to fashion pieces that previously had been relegated to the fetish and among them was the Corset. This revival did not last long, in 1990 only a few corsets appeared in collections of famous designers. In 2010, the corset is back in fashion.

16TH century here corsets changed a lot. At the beginning were made with heavily starched fabrics, today used in Tapestry and reinforced with reeds and strings of trousers. We currently have much lighter pieces, made with orthopedic fins.

There are several types of corsets for every taste, whether it’s for use under some clothes, is to use it alone only. Can also be used as a sex appeal, becoming a piece of fetish.

Risks of using

Excessive pressure in the abdomen brings risks, as reflected in internal organs and, consequently, increasing venous pressure precipitating the appearance of varicose veins and swelling in the legs. In extreme cases, this can cause a stroke. The internal pressure also raises the diaphragm, modifying the respiratory dynamics. Which may lead to atelectasis, a result of decreased pulmonary ventilation, which can lead to accumulation of secretions and even an infection. With respect to pressure suffered in the floating ribs in order to shape them:they are easy to break by being arrested only at the back. But they are so precisely for not tightening the abdomen and to protect the vital organs.

What wife won’t do for fashion.