How to Use T-Shirts and Shirts with Raglan Sleeves

Raglan is the name given to t-shirt sleeve, blouse, jacket or shirt which is extends from the collar (not the shoulder, as the sleeves) forming a diagonal seam from the armpits to the base of the neck. Account to Wikipedia that she got its name after FitzRoy James Henry SomersetLord Raglan, saying that would have used a coat of this type after losing an arm in the battle of Waterloo.

Raglan sleeve was widespread decades ago because of the shirts of the baseball teams in the years 70 and 80 skateboarders and surfers have adopted this style of sleeves on their t-shirts, always accompanied by some pattern on the chest and it was this same piece that was known for urban youth and still used to this day in the northern hemisphere.Here in Brazil despite a little more rare, also gives the guys in some collections of national brands and macaws of large networks such as Zara, Topman and Cotton On.

This type of manga may appear in the long version, short or 3/4, usually in a tone darker than the rest of the shirt, but it is not uncommon to find otherwise or the entire piece in the same color, with just the stitching denouncing the model. In fact this question of color raises an issue: the t-shirt or raglan shirt gets old if used with blazer or superimposed by another shirt, because your most characteristic detail is hidden, which makes her something more suitable for summer and half season.

Combine this kind of play is pretty easy, just use clothing that you would use in the city, in moments of leisure. See examples created for us:

In the composition above use typical young urban elements, a look that servant to ride on a hot day or to skate, the black, white and gray tones only comes to reinforce this idea.

The second look mixes the comfort of chino pants and the aggressiveness of the boot in a combo around town in style. The shirt still brings out the detail of the collar buttons that let you even more interesting, despite its neutral tones.

An important thing to point out is that the t-shirts and shirts with this feature are extremely casual, so think twice before using them in a more demanding environment.

See some more examples:

With jeans and sneakers slip on: visual cool to walk around town. Don’t dispense accessories such as glasses reminiscent or leather strap. With navy footprint: play on the inversion of stripes shows the versatility of the piece.Backpacks and handbags postman mix because it has just the right casual touch. Dip dye end up looking like an extension of the pants and the boots look more aggressive, though the sleeves are still attracting attention, which is good, because it takes the look of people to your face. The hair and the beard combine well with the retro style of this t-shirt. Supplement with dark jeans, oxford shoes brogue and the look is ready!

As you can see the raglan t-shirt let the visual right hip and the various blends between colors or patterns/pictures sleeves creates unusual Visual, some of them with a nice retro touch.