How to Use TeamViewer?

TeamViewer is one of the best applications of remote on the market access and its users use it to connect in seconds with any computer or server, regardless of the geographic location in which these are, to control these devices remotely, share desks and transfer all types of files, in a transparent way, simple and quick.

This excellent application occupies a privileged place in the preferences of all users, basic, medium and advanced, mainly due to their qualities and features for all of them. What’s more, TeamViewer is cross-platform, and can be used from Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android and Linux, in addition to can be used from any browser and as completely free.

In this guide you can find all the necessary information for anyone who still has not proven the flexibility that can offer us TeamViewer to our daily tasks and includes everything you need to deploy it to our PC, from where to download it and instructions to install it and use it.

Downloading and installing TeamViewer

Step 1: The first thing we have to do is download the application, what we can do easily from their official website by clicking on this link.

Here we access to download different versions of the product: full, portable installer or compressed in a ZIP file, including more oriented to professional users.

Step 2: Once we have selected the type of product that best fits our needs, and the installer of TeamViewer you have downloaded on our PC, proceed to its installation.

Step 3: As soon as the Installer starts, the first screen you have to select the type of license and implementation. In the case of the license, if we do not have one, select the option “privately / non-commercial ‘. With regard to the form of execution, select “Install”, since is the easiest way to use TeamViewer.

Note that if for any reason you wish to change the installation path of the product, you can do so by checking the checkbox “Show advanced settings”. We can also enable options for VPN (virtual private network) or the add-in to work with Outlook.

Step 4: From this point, we can already start a remote desktop session with any other user who may have TeamViewer installed on your computer. The only thing remaining is to add some data to the establishment of the communication with other users.

Step 5: To do this enter the number of ID of the person with whom we wish to to establish a remote desktop session. We can do this in the box located below of “To control a remote computer”.

Step 6: After that, and when we requested, enter the password in the session of our contact.

Now if we can have full remote computer access to which we have connected.