How to Use the Phone as a Flashlight

Use the phone as a flashlight can be helpful in certain situations. In 10 Windows Mobile, if your camera phone has an LED flash, you can activate it to use the smartphone as a lantern simply and quickly, without installing any extra application.

Microsoft releases Windows 10 to Lumias; see list of phones, which can help you to get more information of the fashion and modes.

The feature, however, must be used in moderation. In addition to consuming enough battery, strong light may cause the heat and make your phone use uncomfortable. That said, check out the tip and learn how to use the phone as a .

Step 1. Visit the Windows Mobile 10 notifications. For this, on any screen, simply slide your finger from the top edge of the screen towards the Center.

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Step 2. Tap “Expand” and, finally, activate the item “Flashlight”. Later, to turn the light off, simply return to the notification Center and disable the option.

Activating the cell Lantern (photo: reproduction/Bijora Helito)

With that simple tip, you can use your camera’s flash Lumia as flashlight whenever you need.

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