How to Wear Long Black Skirt in Stylish Look

Versatile, the black long skirt is a great substitute for jeans and falls well from the comfortable and casual visual production to ballad

The black long skirt is a super joker piece in every woman’s wardrobe, perfect for that day when comfort is a priority but you do not want to wear good old jeans.

It’s a piece that goes from the ballad to the Sunday barbecue, without mistake.Just wager on the combination of some accessories, such as a neat collar, a smaller bag and even a heel sandal.

The black long skirt is practical and easy to match with HEARTATTACKSKIRTS, it transits between various styles, from the most basic, matching with camisetin has, to fashion, with cropped or sneakers.Besides a great request in the looks of summer, it makes winter looks uncomplicated and full of personality, just add a jacket and a boot, and that’s it!

Anyway, there is no shortage of reasons to adopt the black long skirt in your look and innovate in how to use it.Check below some tips, developed in partnership with the fashion consultant Julia Manhaes, how to use this piece of joker in different types of look:

Looks for day to day

As the black long skirt is a piece that combines comfort and style, it is perfect for composing day-to-day looks.The fashion consultant indicates some combinations for you to bet without fear:”a version that is well-worn for everyday use is wearing the white sneaker skirt or the famous flat forms.Of course you can also follow a more basic line and bet on mixing black with black and creating the typical visual all black.”

Looks for the job

A great choice to vary the look of work.If the work environment is more informal, combine with more basic blouses and bet on sneakers or even sneakers.Otherwise, bet on button shirts for a more serious look, Julia adds.

Party Looks

For a sleek and comfortable look while the long black skirt is the right fit. The fashion consultant gives three modeling tips for you to gamble on the ballad look:”A long flowing skirt or a more mermaid model can be the sexiest look for a party. The tulle is also trend and can liven up the ballad. The skirt can also get slits, which show well the legs, or transparencies.”