HTC May Be Next Nexus Producer

HTC may once again be hardware-producer for the next Google Nexus device, turn off new rumors.

The rumors about the next Google Nexus phone has been current since the launch of Galaxy Nexus in November 2011.

This summer, however, we got a surprise with Nexus 7, a seven inch tablet produced in a collaboration between Google and Asus.

But now is HTC’s name surfaced on the Web in conjunction with Nexus rumors after revelations of One X 5, a five inch phablet is supposed to have to compete against Samsung Galaxy Note II, as well as LG Optimus Vu.

The new HTC One X 5 rumored to be Google’s next Nexus entity, and not an ordinary HTC product, write our site.

The product is expected to be launched with an updated version of the Android Jelly Bean, in version 4.1.2, with improved speed, safety and functionality.

All the rumors originate from a tip, who claims to have a close relationship with HTC and the product, which, however, cannot be verified.