Ideas For Storing Shoes

Many women feel a predilection for shoes. Without giving us account we accumulate in house shoes of all kinds: sandals, boots, definitely, ballet slippers, booties, nautical, high, low, for partying, high heels, platforms, of colors I go crazy just remember it!
Every season our collection increases and when you make the change of winter with summer shoes comes a point where you do not know or where to put them. Tell the truth, you have all the shoes distributed by House: those who use daily are in your room and hand; shoes for special occasions, in boxes inside the cabinets;and those shoes have their years, but that you love and that you save if remote someday like to return you to, don’t know or where they are.

Do not suffer more, these practical ideas to store shoes going to help organize them and you can find the model you are looking for without problem.

Ideas for Storing Shoes

In Zapatero Cabinet

If you have a site for one piece of furniture in house, This is a very good option. You can place it at the entrance as part of the decoration, or in any of the rooms. It allows you to have in sight a number of shoes and access them quickly and easily.

According to, there are specially-made furniture to store your shoes, with practical and useful designs. But if you want to integrate it into the decor and no model of Shoemaker fits your style, you can encourage you to make it your own.

Choose the furniture that you like, It can be a closet or Dresser, but that that does not have drawers, but doors, so you can view all your shoes and will be easier to use it. Then place shelves at different heights to order all your footwear, whether dancers for which you don’t need nearly space, high heels or high boots. As an additional idea, if you want to avoid that your boots are kinked and spoil, it incorporates a bar so you can hang them comfortably.

An alternative to this furniture, and allowing to take advantage of small spaces, are the “Shoemaker banks”. They are visually integrated into the room as one more element of decoration, providing a space plus.

In The Cabinet

The Cabinet is a good place to store your shoes, provided that your clothes have not invaded the entire space.

Organizers you can hang on the door or on the rack. With this method you take well advantage of space, but it has a possible drawback: the odors.

To avoid them saves every pair of shoes in transparent bags (ensures that non-plastic), so you can easily distinguish them and smells will not go to the clothes.

To avoid odors inside the Cabinet also you can book a drawer and equip it to make you the greatest number of shoes. Another option is to take the bottom of the wardrobe by placing boxes with a picture of the shoes by was to be able to identify them.

In Small Spaces

Every year we get a pair of new shoes and our collection keeps on growing. If your House is not very big, and you don’t have hollow or for more furniture should take imagination and take advantage of the space to the maximum. If you’re that want to take advantage of all the holes of your House, here are some ideas to take advantage of small spaces:

Under The Bed

Take advantage of bottom bed to keep shoes that don’t usually get.There are systems of storage in plastic that adapt to your needs depending on the type of shoe or the space that you have available. Choose which suits you and win your bedroom space.

You can also place underneath the shoes that you use on a daily basis. A good idea and that you can do is put them on a Board with wheels.

Behind The Door

Have all your shoes organized and are in addition to the view? Yes, it’s possible! The best option for those that don’t have space are adaptable shoemakers for doors. If you dream of having a shoemaker as celebrity takes note: uses adaptive Shoemaker and place it on the wall. It is very easy and for a very affordable price.

Under The Furniture

We know that needless you space at home, but this furniture allows you to store your shoes in a small space since it is very narrow and, in addition, by incorporating a mirror gives a greater feeling of spaciousness in the room.

In The Drawers

Sneakers, dancers, sandals this type of footwear is usually occupy little space and with these ideas, you can have them organized in a drawer or shelf.

With heel or non fabric, we have to be more careful if we do not want that to us they spoil. With this system you will use to the maximum shelves.

With heel or non fabric, we have to be more careful if we do not want that to us they spoil. With this system you will use to the maximum shelves.

On Original Shelf

You have your shoes organized does not mean that they are saved.Create an original shelf with an old staircase or wooden boxes. Or simply placed shelves and expose your best stiletos in them.Specify that your shoes are part of the decoration with some of these ideas:

On The Shelves

For any fashion lover would be a dream to have a dressing room where all of our shoes are perfectly organized. If you are lucky enough to have enough space here are some ideas:

If not, you can also try with this rotating system.

If you have stairs in house notes, it will surprise you all that you can save in it:

Are you mother? Also notice these tricks so that the kids in the House are more autonomous and learn to be ordered. See what funny that are these shoes furniture for children.

Now you have no excuse to leave your shoes pulled and annoy all the House. Apply these ideas to store shoes and enjoy an orderly environment.