If the Bra Doesn’t Fit, Even the Clothing Doesn’t Fit

75% of women wear the wrong bra!

The customers with whom I go shopping or make a wardrobe-check, are often in their underwear in front of me and I can see sitting like their bras. As a result, I’ve seen many breasts in even more bras and I can confirm one really doing: this study of 75% right!

Blazers, blouses and T-Shirts on a well-fitting bra can fit so much better and conjure up a better and leaner silhouette.

Unfortunately, it is uncomfortable to speak but still many women about their breasts and bras, so I dedicate this blog post this rather intimate topic. I consulted the expert Marta Thut, she is the owner of Balconette bra.

Underwear should be beautiful, but it is a private matter.

Or how do you see that? Some women ashamed of a wide variety of things and not guesses on how beautiful her chest is and can be used in scene! Perhaps also you underestimate how much a matching bra would help to achieve a better silhouette, a more comfortable feeling and a wonderful comfort?

This wish is probably the same as all women: A Bra that conjures up a nice cleavage, nice shapes her breast, nothing restricts and has sophistication. (Quite apart from the fact that he may of course also sexy look.)

Most women say they have a B Cup, in reality, this is nothing.
If these describe men, it’s a handful and linen sellers then know that it is mostly an E Cup.

Especially for larger breasts, the theme of matching bra is more complex. From a medical standpoint, they need more support, the BRA must be enough support, so that it will not be back or neck pain. He should cut but nothing, no Bacon to herausquillen and women don’t want to see also prints.


1. size

The width of the lower breast is the first decisive measure, it should be measured horizontally and smooth once around the rib cage around. Most women have 75-85cm.
The band of the BRA in the back slips up at you like, the size of the bra is too big. Then you should choose a smaller size.

2. fit of the cups

The perfect fit is connected with the position of your breast, so how far apart are the breasts. This can be very different. Some intervene only two fingers at other four fingers.

Comes out a little Bacon to the armpit of the Bras? Then that is too small for your breast Cup.
Comes the breast up swollen out over the basket? Even then, the Cup is too small.
It comes to wrinkles and the cups sit slack? Then, you should select a smaller Cup.

3. carrier

You should not cut, but also not so easily be that the chest front drops down. If you pleasantly can put two fingers under the support on the shoulder, he’s good.

The band of under bust, so around should be necessarily horizontal.
For comfort, there is the “racer”clip: it brings together the carrier back in the middle. This relieves the pressure on the shoulders and also the carrier no longer so easily slip from the shoulder. Some bras have even different loops of insertion, so that the carrier can be worn back crosswise or simply mittiger sit.


Bow down when trying to forward and check your breasts in the BRA ‘fall’, because only in this way, you can check its fit. Here, the natural force of gravity is in the game.

4. front center

The crotch strap between the breasts in the middle of the front should are always in contact with the skin and not stick out. Even if you stretch, he should remain in his position and not slip up.

5. check rule

Bras should be closed in the outermost box, the other check marks should only use if the bra is slightly older, nachgiebt and thereby again more closely and matching can hook him.

Marta Thut lounge has 100 different sizes, from 55-145 cm circumference and cup from A-J in their secret. Also swimwear and Sports Bras still leads them and exactly from my own experience with three children know what she is talking about. At THERIGHTBRAS.COM every woman can find the matching bra and the perfect advice.



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