Improvements in Coverage on The IPhone 4 with IOS 4.1, Manifestations of a Developer

Continuing with the improvements that will arrive next week from the hand of the long-awaited update of the operating system for the iPhone, have received some news from developers who speak of substantial improvements in the reception signal and coverage on iPhone 4.

Before the maremagnum of rumors and alleged statements by engineers and executives of Cueprtino, it is best to take as a reference to expert users of firsthand, able to assess with a criterion less linked to the fanaticism of many users of different platforms and different.

As a developer I am, logically I already enjoy version 4.1 of iOS. In my house there is poor coverage, and even I have to go to the show or go to the terrace to be able to hold a conversation because it is cut into the other rooms of the building. The funny thing is with devices from other brands not happens, but with the iPhone since the first generation of terminals. Well, it has been to install iOS 4.1 Gold Master and is now heard throughout the House perfectly.

Don’t have why put into question the words of this professional who has made these comments in a totally disinterested way. What is clear is that, if it, Apple could have given a solution found to one of the biggest nightmares experienced by the brand in recent years.

However, must be taken into consideration to the millions of users who have gone to their brand-new terminal, with knowledge of the problems this hauling. That can only give us to think: or are we all a great bunch of “ sheep ” or too rely on the capabilities of Apple to offer solutions to its customers. Not to mention another of his specialties; marketing.