In the Kitchen, a Bright Solution Led Lighting!

The leds to create a deco lighting in the kitchen

Leds, these small efficient bulbs to the incomparable lifetime, have revolutionized the lighting. They invest more food because they offer a broad spectrum of light now easy to implement solutions. Finished the single lighting central type neon, place in a kitchen of Aesthete with all our tips to enhance your kitchen with the Leds.

Leds, stars of functional lighting

The leds are more powerful and can now use them to illuminate the work plan in a kitchen because they broadcast a concentrated light flow. They are ideal to illuminate the corner sink or the cooking corner for example, thanks to their directional lighting. Placed under high furniture of the kitchen using Leds spots or small lamps to stick (of type Dot – it). Even better: the strips or ribbons to Leds allow to spread lighting on the entire length of the work plan. In addition, the Leds deliver great clarity without dazzling. You then opt for led light delivering at least 300 lumens.
Another solution proposed by the kitchen, the luminous credences lit by Leds for diffuse lighting. If you choose a main lighting by the ceiling, led spots can be integrated into a false ceiling will be much less thick than for conventional spots: there are in fact of the flat extra 4 mm Leds. Finally, you can put Leds in closets and drawers for maximum comfort.
The ‘more’ Laurie: Homelight LED bulbs are guaranteed for 10 years.

The leds on the podium for a very deco kitchen

Highlight your kitchen with the Leds: the inside of your windows and your shelves are visually alleviated thanks to the Leds. For a high-tech kitchen, you install spots to Leds inlaid in plinths for deco lighting designed as a markup. Another option: bright tablets inlaid with Leds can replace the classic shelves with the same ease of installation. To lighten the furniture, place a strip of light under low furniture just in front of the baseboard or on the high furniture. The result is instantaneous: the furniture seems levitating or off the wall!
Finally, you can also offer a colored water to your sink with a mouthpiece that fits all faucets and that works without batteries! Because it is water that activates the LEDs: the water is blue electric when it runs cold and turns red passion when it runs hot or red blinking when it runs very hot. Ideal to reduce the risk of burns.

Laurie light Board: Don’t forget the broadcast by led color temperature, it is an essential criterion. The leds offer a palette of whites, ranging from cold white to warm white. Prefer a warm white for general lighting and atmosphere; neutral white, close to the light of day, to illuminate the work plan.