Inspirations for Your Look with a Plaid Blouse Junino

The June festivals are already booming everywhere, and we always get carried away to get the wardrobe that Plaid Shirt that was lost and not used in a long time. I have spoken here of how to decorate your St. John (with three recipes) and, today, I will show you how to assemble your inspirations look with the classic blouse or t-shirt chess. Take a peek!

For those who love the classic and doesn’t want a lot of work, you can take a look of the classic P & B, stripped with jeans and even more “glamour”, combining with a more sophisticated (like short shorts and shiny).

You can also use the blouse chess as a third piece, making her Cardigan or even just tying around your waist. Here at anyBlouses you can get more models and styles of the fashion blouses. Is great for those who need to go to another occasion to jerk party.

Another way that I quite like is mix of prints that, combined with floral, let’s say more junino impossible!

For those who do not already enjoy sooo the June vibe and really wants is something more alternative, you can use that Plaid Shirt of the boy as well as oversize dress (like the Rihana), tee dress or maxi vest (cut the sleeves that already works!).

Finally, for those who really want to bet on chess beyond the month of June, you can make really cool looks and super wearable with the plaid. Just choose the inspiration and bet on a good seamstress.

And you, what look are using the jerk? Send to me in direct of instagram I want view. Kisses and anarriê!