IOS 4.1 Does Not Solve Problems and Apple Will Give a Press Conference Tomorrow

The answer to the question that many people was doing, would solve upgrade to iOS 4.1 the iPhone 4 reception problems?, seems not, confirm at least the first tests are performed as well. We must bear in mind that we are talking about a beta coming to developers.

We take the phone in the same way and the same symptoms appear, a proof of this is the following video from the guys at Mobile Crunch. But before moving on to the same, we inform you that Apple will give a press conference tomorrow to talk about the problems of the iPhone 4.

For me the iPhone 4’s biggest problem is not the phone itself (which is not trivial), nor the problems that may have both software and hardware, the uncomfortable situation is the long silence of Apple, and it is that it would be nice being a little faster to the need for a response by the general public.

Fortunately, better late that never, morning (10:00 AM) has been cited means to tell you important things, such and how we can read in Applesfera. Some guests have complained, and it is that announcing the Conference on Wednesday afternoon, it is expensive and difficult to move us to a Friday event.

Be to either way, we hope to bring a good solution under the arm, that informational cascade that has generated the recommendation by Consumer Reports, and the silence of Apple regarding the involucionaria antenna end up doing damage at a time when Verizon and Motorola they are presenting one of its heavyweights, the Motorola Droid X.