IOS 4.1, Light News in The First Beta

After the release of iOS 4.0.1 that Apple aims to remedy the fault coverage in the latest models of smartphone of Cupertino company, becomes the first beta to developers of the following revision of the operating system terminals, iOS 4.1, accompanied by some new.

In addition to a more realistic coverage indicator, visible in the first of the above revisions, iOS 4.1 recovers some of the initial developments made known during the official presentation of the new platform and that finally they were not included in his appearance recently less than a month.

We specifically refer to the functionality Game Center, which is presented with a totally renewed appearance that nothing has to do with what they could appreciate in the first beta of iOS 4.0, since in later versions had been eliminated completely.

Jobs present the games as a platform novelty to integrate ‘ along this year & #8217;, What remained in suspense a debut possibly precipitated by recent events that put into question the prestige and know-how of the brand.

The new software includes support for calls using FaceTime using own email accounts or even the own Apple ID. Also can be seen a renovated keypad with some other symbol incorporated into the character set of the device. In terms of data input, some annoying, automatic spelling correction can be finally deactivated.

What surprises, both for good by its incorporation as well as bad for the delay, the integration of the Bluetooth AVRCP Protocol, and can thus control the playback of audio and video in the terminal with a compatible wireless accessory, such as own controls of a car.

To take into account that it is the first version of evidence open to developers, which may differ significantly from the final result, which still does not have a date set for his release.