IOS 4.3.1 Will Be Released in a Few Days

Approximately two weeks have passed since the appearance of iOS 4.3 on the occasion of the presentation of the iPad 2, more specifically since March 9, and the restless minds of Cupertino are already thinking about bringing to light the first updates in the latest version of its platform for mobile devices in order to put an end to small errors occurred with putting into circulation. Like this, 4.3.1 iOS would be available within a maximum period of two weeks for installation.

This update would not bring too many developments in the case of a minor update necessary to solve the problem of the system crash when reading large files of USIM filesystem, as well as other derivatives of NTLM authentication in web pages and applications. On the other hand, the iPhone 3 g and the first model of iPad will also enjoy an update of their respective “ baseband ”. But, What is the real purpose of Apple with this new update?

As neither more nor less than the same that have motivated other small revisions from the Apple company is the of patch the vulnerability found by some experienced users to perform “ jailbreak & #8221; on devices with iOS 4.3 and for which they have not had major complications this time.

The newly released iPad 2 will also be one of the beneficiaries with the update that will be turned out the problem with third-party applications that do not recognize the gyroscope in such a device.

That by the time no confirmation any is about the ability to solve the high consumption of battery that sometimes it can be seen on some models of iPhone. Problem which has left more than one in the lurch to be completely off terminal for no apparent reason in the worst.