IOS 4.3.3 Now Available for IPhone and IPad by Limiting The Registration of Locations

From today, Apple users will be able to update our iPhone and iPad announced version of the operating system iOS 4.3.3, via which the Cupertino try to put an end to the controversy generated by the registry location.

However iOS 4.3.3 will still make use of the data for compile a database of location of nearby telephone antennas, thus reducing the amount of stored data and removing its contents as soon as localization services are turned off.

Remember that the main reason for putting into circulation this new update is the discovery of the file in which you collect the data of the areas traffic in recent months by the terminal itself, and therefore your username.

Fact that triggered a series of protests in much of the collective of users whose movements could be tracked without their consent by Apple, company which argued the use of such a system to take stock of data about phone masts and Wi-Fi access points to speed up the calculations of different localization services that we can find in our terminals.

This information assumes that It should be removed when these data are no longer needed, However, the large amount of stored data dating back over a broad time interval determined that this was not so, by what Apple is committed to remedy the ‘error’.