IOS 4.3 Beta 2 with Management Multitasking through Gestures and More

If HTC seems to want to enter the market of lacking buttons terminals, Apple is not left behind. Not in vain, rumors that ensure the development of future mobile devices regardless of the unique button “ multi-purpose ” possesses are more than justified under the management of its functions using gestures on the touch screen itself and which are left to see in the second beta version of iOS 4.3.

Such gestures would be made, finally appear in the final version of the operating system, by touching the touch screen with four fingers simultaneously. In addition, as that occurred with the latest version of the software for iPad, you happily of the unique lock feature in the side switch screen orientation, leaving at our option the possibility of using it for that purpose (new in the iPhone) or to silence the terminal, as it has become usual since its inception.

The classic gesture of the “ pinch ” to return to the main screen It is another new feature to add. Best of all, check how the beta works correctly in what looks like an iPhone 3G or 3GS, not leaving behind models that in a short period of time may be considered obsolete by Apple. A compendium of news that is true reflection in this video that we show below.

Own button that blocks the screen rotation and that appears next to the media player controls in management applications multitasking bar also changes its function according to the option selected in the system settings. A bar of management which, on the other hand, also makes an appearance by sliding four fingers to the top of the screen.

However, the quickest option for the Exchange between applications appears as a simple side-slip, in which one after another will appear screens running different programs, leaving the bottom bar for management “ manual ” in which the user decides which tasks should remain in that State of “ lethargy ” in which iOS add to applications in the background or which must be closed.

These are some of the news that most have struck us and greatly help a fast management of the platform. However, and in more detail in the images, have seen as the option “ location ” enabled in version iOS 4.0 has disappeared. Or at least it is not in its usual location so far. The remaining capacity of the user control over applications that make use of geo-positioning device system.

We know at the moment if Apple intends to the update the platform in brief or an ACE in the hole in the face is saved to future and upcoming models both iPad and iPhone. What, is that everything suggests that of Cupertino are already doing tests both of the new operating system and device that will replace the still existing iPhone 4.