IOS 5 Might Not Be Installable on The IPhone 3GS

The rumors and possible developments regarding iOS 5 and possible iPhone 5/4GS are already a recurring theme, continuous and constant in any mobile today that price, as, again, in our case.

Now skip a new rumor to the fore that directly involves the future iOS 5, According to the Russian Analyst Eldar Murtazin, iOS 5 will not support handsets iPhone 3GS.

Apparently, and as you can guess through these statements, iOS 5 will be an exclusive system of iPhone 4, the new successor appearing after him (iPhone 5), and possibly the latest generation of iPod Touch and future.

This news, though by now it is no more than a simple rumour without confirming, would be expected to seen what happened with iOS 4 and iPhone 3G, because although said terminal Yes it was compatible with iOS 4, There the majority of improvements and implements that can be enjoyed both on iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.

The reasons could look both in the capacity of the terminal to move the system as in the bit of some new hardware driver that makes necessary the use of iPhone 4 or higher. We can also think that you can that Apple move and forget about interested older generations of iPhone, is a choice.

Whatever it is, we assume that all these questions, and all that we have been accumulated with respect to the new OS and the new Smartphone of Cupertino company, they will be resolved in not much time.