IOS 6: Customer Satisfaction Is Declining for the First Time

For the first time are seeing Apple that customer satisfaction with a new verison of iOS is decreasing.

There are by now well known that iOS users not happy with Apple’s new map in iOS. After Google was scrapped by the latest update from iOS to iOS 5 6 is specially the cards has been criticized heavily.

But not only the cards makes users less satisfied. In a study on users ‘ overall satisfaction with iOS as a whole, are experiencing the Apple for the first time, a decrease in customer satisfaction.

At all previous updates of iOS, customer satisfaction has been increasing, but in the latest study from the On Device, which is, among other things, is published on our site, is seen a slight decline in satisfaction among customers.

That is quite known how not a big drop, but Apple, which previously had to be almost perfect, are now experiencing a small decline.