IPhone 4 Sells More of 1.7 Million Units in Three Days

Sales speak for themselves, it’s the most successful launch of a product by Apple, and it is that 1.7 million phones iPhone 4 in 3 days is something hardly surmountable. Maybe sales would have been even greater if it had more supply, something so the company apologizes in the press release. We are talking about more than half a million units per day.

Numbers overshadow the million units sold by the iPhone 3GS in its first weekend, and is the thing aimed high to know that 600,000 reserves became the first day that opened the possibility, the next day had to stop accepting reservations.

The expectations of sales of the Cupertino was 1.5 million units, so to them same have been overwhelmed with sales. Going back to the First iPhone, reach the first million units took Apple 74 days in 2007.

To follow with the references to the iPad It has cost him 28 days to reach one million, 59 days to pass two million, and 80 days to reach 3 million. We will see to see how long it takes the new iPhone in spraying figures.

It seems that the so-called problems across the network we have been publishing, or the relevant replies from Steve, will affect sales of the device, at least in the first markets, United States, France, Germany, United Kingdom and Japan, the thing is on a roll. Between now and September, the phone will be available in 87 countries.